Black Dragon Capital is a growth-oriented private equity fund focused on technology investment opportunities in ecommerce, financial services, and sports and media. Its founder and advisor Louis Hernandez, Jr. and team of industry professionals have significant operational experience, strong financial backgrounds, proven track records of success and investment experience ranging from startups to Billion dollar organizations in both public and private vehicles. BDC offers a strategic difference with its real operating advice, C-level executives as partners and substantial experience in all phases of growth, as well as, significant international domain expertise.

BDC’s value is its management expertise, which complements its ability to advise and mentor high-level operators. It prefers a significant position and board representation and looks to leverage distribution and synergies across portfolio companies. Its network is unparalleled, with close contact with many CEO’s in our target industries, offering significant referral opportunities. Its investors include leaders in technology, banking and private equity. BDC’s investment strategy leverages its unique experience in finding, growing and exiting companies with a focus on software companies in industries they know well. Their investment criteria is for established companies with strong recurring revenue typically between $5-$25M in revenue and profitable. The investment thesis is to accelerate growth and create value with companies involved in industries in transition due to disruption from technology.